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2MW - Episode 09-14 - RIP Chuck Daly, Go Lakers, B.o.B, UGK, & Bone Thugs N Harmony

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Greetings 2 Minute Warning Listeners!

It's been a great week in sports but a tragic one as well. We've lost a great coach in Chuck Daly but gained a proper perspective in the grand scheme of life about the priorities of sports. Which is why in this episode, we stop to pay tribute to Coach Daly through topics such as a code of conduct at games, Shane's Roid Rage, the joys of competition in the playoffs, and even trials such as the Adelman Curse. We have also learned that life is more enjoyable through song, so we've highlighted the best music available from B.o.B, Legyn, Dolla, and others include tributes from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and UGK. Enjoy the show and don't forget to shoot us your comments via Twitter @2minutewarning.

Thanks for listening!

Keith & Shane


UGK-One Day

B.O.B aka BOBBY RAY - Wait Your Turn

LEGYN - Superstitious

DOLLA - Rainy Night In Georgia


GREEN TEA - Breathe Again



RIP Intro

NBA Playoffs: Lakers

Fan Code of Conduct

Shane's Roid Rage

Adelman's Curse

Fan Mail Outro

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KD feat. Theo - Slo No Mo

Total Kaos feat. J-Luv - Beautiful

Yun Quan feat. Young Cash & John T - 7 Days

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Mouce Trap

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"It all started on a Karaoke machine". Those are the words uttered from Orlando, FL native Mouce, who is now one of the most promising MCs the world has yet to truly hear. As a young teenager Mouce began his career by constructing songs on a karaoke machine, and later began selling his self produced albums in school. "It got to a point when I was in high school that I would go to school with a backpack full of CDs and leave with a pocket full of money", says Mouce.

Those days of karaoke recording are long gone for the burgeoning star, who has built a steady buzz by releasing mixtape after mixtape since 2005. His new Mixtape "Ryda Life" has garnered much attention throughout Florida, and is beginning to set the streets on fire. More than just a ring tone rapper Mouce is dedicated to making not just hit songs, but classic albums. Not only a great lyricist, he also produces tracks, and is the president of his label Low-G Records.

His Video "Ganksta Solja" set the standard for underground videos, and reached number 3 on the charts of VideoMixx, a Miami based video network. Many of the same obstacles that face our urban youth today have been overcome by Mouce, who inspires kids in his old neighborhoods to believe that with dedication, anything is possible. He is the first however to realize it is a long journey ahead. "Life is a grind, life is a struggle, but you've got to see the light at the end of the tunnel", says Mouce. "Some people are afraid of chasing their dreams, me on the other hand, I'm afraid to not chase my dreams". The name of his new project to be released soon however may say it all: "Failure is not an option"...

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For this episode, Shane the Insane became temporarily unavailable so, we have a guest host on the couch today by the name of Jube. He's an entertaining character with a new record named "On My Way." You know how we do it! Just listen to him and you'll see why he fills in nicely.

In the meantime, we have a special warrior checking in as well; world boxing champion, Winky Wright! He's here to discuss his victories, strength in defeat, life outside the ring, and who he would really like to bash. Plus we have great music from Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Devin the Dude, Keri Hilson, and newcomer SkyyLevel (2 y's, 1 word).

Oh, and for all of the twitterers in the world, follow us at We'd love to hear your comments, requests, and thoughts about the world of sports/entertainment. So, sit back, hit play and enjoy! And as always, thanks for listening!

S.E.X.Capade - Bookshelf Worthy

By: Keith Kennedy

Trophies and mementos are a great pneumonic devices to instantly place you back to the good times or wonderful memories that the item is a symbol for. Most times it will be something simple such as a ticket stub to remind you of that awesome concert or a picture with a unique background. But, have you ever met someone who represents their favorite sexual conquests with a trophy?

Meet Clarrissa. She may let you get lucky once or twice, but it is only the greats who are bookshelf worthy.

Ding dong! “Ooh, he’s here,” Clarrissa said to her friend, Janelle on the other end of the cell phone she was holding. “He’s a little early. I guess he really is eager to come and get it.” “I just hope he’s not too eager and you call me back in a couple of minutes!” Janelle replies as both friends giggle their goodbyes and go their separate ways. Clarrissa thought to herself, ‘me too, it’s been too long since I’ve added a new item on my bookshelf’...

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Graduation Celebration @ The Mint Lounge

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DJ Butch: It's My Time to Shine

Click here to listen to DJ Butch f. Tay Dizm - Havin' Fun

By: Keith Kennedy

In the music world, conformity is the ultimate double edged sword. On one side, if you do not fit in a box then the industry tosses it to the side. On the flip side, new creativity is what fuels the game to evolve. So, what is an artist to do? Well, for DJ BUTCH, the answer is simple, paint an auditory picture on a blank canvas as if there are “No Rules!”

DJ BUTCH hails from the small community of Florida ’s Wakulla County located in the panhandle near Tallahassee . Nicknamed, “Will-kill-ya” County, the lack of opportunities often leads its unchallenged youth into bouts of alcoholism, drugs, depression, and violence. But, for DJ BUTCH his saving grace came to him early in his life. “It all began around 1994,” DJ BUTCH recounts, “my cousin was DJing and rocking the crowd! I loved the whole idea so much I went and bought 2 turntables and got a small crate of records from a friend. Then, I started rocking parties all over Wakulla County .”

Soon, his talents were called to duty as the rap group named Tyger Hill was formed. The group enjoyed moderate success by working with greats such as T-Pain, George Clinton, 3-6 Mafia’s Dj Black, DJ OG Ron C, and Thrill Da Playa (frontman of the multi-platinum group, 69 Boyz). “Tyger Hill for me was a great learning experience, plus I had a chance to work with and make some great friends,” DJ BUTCH laments. This is evident in that to this day, the group still keeps in contact and still work on each other’s solo projects.

Today, DJ BUTCH has embraced the County Boyz movement and looks forward to expressing his musical abilities by exploring a multitude of various styles on his new solo album, “No Rules.” DJ BUTCH explains, “there are just different vibes for whatever you’re feeling.” He continues, “if you want to get right for the club, there’s “U Ain’t Crunk, You’re Trippin’.” MTV must have agreed with him as they signed a deal with DJ BUTCH to have the song featured on their networks. Additionally, DJ BUTCH has live instrumentation featured on the soulful, “Never Got To Meet You” which describes the loss of his unborn child. Not to mention, the album features production from T-Pain, MG (Pretty Ricky, BloodRaw), K2Iso (Splack Pack), and DJ BUTCH himself among others. As a whole, DJ BUTCH summarizes, “there’s something on the album for everyone to enjoy. There were “No Rules” on the creation of this album.”

When not behind the mic or on the wheels, DJ BUTCH enjoys good country living. “In Wakulla we love to fish, go out on the lake or river, and barbeque!” Plus, look out for DJ BUTCH’s clothing line, County Boyz to hit a store near you or on In the meantime, DJ BUTCH leaves you with this, “my music is different and “No Rules” perfectly describes that because music is an art without boundaries and open to many interpretations.” With this receptive attitude, DJ BUTCH proves to be the fuel to keep the industry alive through his innovation.

Contact Info:
Corey Benedict

Battle of the Cities Car Show - May 3, 2009

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