MLive: Voodoo...

VooDoo You Decide... "MLive" from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

We had to take it down to New Orleans to find about Voodoo. Is it real, is it fake, what is the real deal and where did Voodoo start? In this show we take you back to the start of Voodoo in W. Africa. After you watch this show you decide... is Voodoo real or is it fake? Hope you enjoy... To find out more about Voodoo visit the "New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum" or go online to visit



2009 Soul Train Awards Pictures!

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Chubbys 11.27.09

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Young Cash interview & performance @ FAMU Homecoming Concert

Check out Young Cash's interview with Cairo Love behind the scenes at the FAMU Homecoming Concert! Then catch part of his performance! (Shout out to FAMU SGA & Double Trouble Ent.)

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The Missing Element @ Bajas 11-14-09


Bizzle @ Blazin 102.3 & FAMU Homecoming Concert

Check out Bizzle's interview with DJ Storm at Blazin 102.3 and his performance at the FAMU Homecoming Concert! (Shout out to FAMU SGA & Double Trouble Ent.)

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Space Age Pimpin: Motorola Droid

This phone, if you can even call it that, is the $h!t to say the least! No Doubt that this is the iPhone killer! I've had the chance to really play around with the Moto Droid and calling it impressive is an understatement!

This phone has thousands of applications and hundreds of widgets, and many of them are free! The applications that you download will change the way you do things! Some of the free apps and widgets include useful things like: The Weather Channel, Myspace, Twitter, TMZ, Scientic Calculator, YouTube, Pandora,, Facebook,, VUClip Videos, Barcode Scanner, Calorie Counter, USA Today, Bank of America Mobile Banking, NBA/NFL scores, Google Maps with voice search and turn-by-turn navigation and so much more!

Some of the more fun and often useless apps and widgets include Dave Chappell, McLovin', Step Brothers, Mr. T and SouthPark soundboards (free sounds from the shows/movies), AK-47, Magic 8 Ball, Fart Sounds, etc!

Whether you get it for the useful...or the useless apps and widgets, you will be impressed! It comes with a full QWERTY keyboard (so no worries about touchscreen texting), a 5-megapixel camera with flash and shoots DVD quality video, which you can upload directly into YouTube! So next time you see police brutality or someone doing something stupid, you can shoot, edit and upload diretly from the Moto Droid! It also comes pre-loaded with a 16 GB micro memory card and is upgradeable to 32 GB, something the iPhone doesn't allow.

So far, the only drawbacks I've experienced is that the battery life just doesnt last. Because of the high-tech features of the phone and how much time you'll spend playing around on it, an extra battery or constantly keeping a charger with you is a good idea. Alo, it uses WiFi to upload and download large files, so you may experience a delay in down/uploading until it finds a WiFi network.

So in a nutshell, if you are no doubt plugged into the Matrix, this is the phone for you! It will allow you to not only watch your favorite television shows and videos for free, you can also create and edit your own videos! Music junkies have access to free music via free applications that scour the internet for free downloads and free streaming radio! It also has so many practical apps and widgets, you'll never again need to carry a flashlight, dictionary, thesarus, scientific calculator, ruler, voice recorder, etc.

This phone is currently only available on Verizon Wireless!

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Celebrity Clothing Lines: Winter Kate

The daughter of famous R&B/soul singer, Lionel Richie, has created her own clothing line! Nicole Richie recently released her "Winter Kate" clothing line. Not urban in any way shape or form, the line has more of a 1960's/Bohemian feel to it! Some of the piecces are different, but cute and some are just downright hippie!

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Free Mixtape: DJ TD

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1. Weight Up- Double D
2. Turned Up- Roscoe Dash, Soulja Boy
3. Potna Dem- Rich Kids
4. Wassup- Rich Kids
5. Papers- Usher
6. Medicine- Plies Keri Hilson
7. Better believe it (remix)- Lil Boosie, Bun B, Foxx, Trae
8. Pretty Brown Eyes- Amerie, Trey Songz
9. Gangsta luv- Snoop Dogg, The Dream
10. Buy u a round (remix)- Verse, Young Joc
11. 5 star bitch (remix)- Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Trina
12. Try it out (fuck wit dis pimpin)- Big Black Bank, Kandi
13. Ooh Lets Do It- Wacka Flocka Flame
14. Yessir- Double D
15. When I Want Too- Big Lee (produced by Double D)
16. Half of it- Swazy Baby
17. Steady Mobbin- Lil Wayne Gucci Mane
18. Hell of a Life- T.I.
19. Tie Me Down- New Boyz, Ray J
20. Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z, Alicia Keys
21. Doesnt Mean Anything- Alicia Keys
22. Money to Blow- Birdman, Drake, Lil Wayne
23. I Got This- Young Jeezy
24. Str8 Like That- Double D *Bonus Track*

Getto Visionz: T-Pain behind the scenes!

See what it's like to party on Pain's tour bus. This is bus party footage with the whole crew from the I Am Music tour.

"Take Your Shirt Off" is the first single on the upcoming T-Pain album "RevolveR"

Chubby's (11.13.09)

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Iceberg @ The Platinum Club


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Baja's Beach Club (11.21.09)

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We Support Local Music

Listen to Shawt Deezy f. Hot Yella - Kissing U


Listen to Skai - Get it Together


Listen to Young Trap - On My Grind


Listen to Kaliko - Rock the Mic


Listen to Bloodraw f. Supastar J. Kwik, Mighty Mike, & Mr. Bones - My Durty


Listen to Yun Quan - Loud


Listen to Elite - Lighthouse

Sports Fans: 2 Minute Warning

Welcome to the 2 Minute Warning Bandwagon! Big shouts to the newest members, SHERRY & KRYSTLE!

This week's episode is dedicated to the good spirits of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as he battles his illness. Plus, we tackle subjects such as sports criminals, the real reasons behind jersey number changes, and of course the latest edition of Tebow's Tall Tales - Tank Topping For Tebow. But, it wouldn't be the 2 Minute Warning without great music. So enjoy new tracks from Timbaland and Beanie Sigel with 50 Cent along with a few classics from Inner Circle, Buju Banton, 36 Mafia, Jeezy, and Lil Wayne. Plus, Jets & Vikings fans we have a big surprise coming for you soon! And it has nothing to do with Brett

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Keith & Shane

College Hill Thursday @ Baja (The Thanksgiving Edition)

Free Mixtape: DJ Leezy & Bloodraw (352~850 Connect)

DJ Leezy "Mr. 352" has brought us that crack once again! I-75 Bound Vol. 1 is definitely fire. This is a mixtape must have. Make sure you check out his Tote the City series too.


MLive: FAMU Homecoming Concert 2K9

FAMU 2k9 Homecoming Concert Ft: Monica, Webbie, Ace Hood... from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

No one does it better than Florida A & M University (FAMU) for homecoming and we have it right here for you on the "Mayweather Live" show. From up close in person interviews to performances on stage we have it for you all in this show. Put together by controversial promotions group Double Trouble Entertainment we present you "FAMU Homecoming 2K9" Featuring Webbie, Ace Hood, Ice Berg, J Lyriq, Young Cash, Midget Mac, & Monica.

Yep We Kan Promotions Costume Party @ The Ramada Inn

Coming soon!!! Yep We Kan & Audio Addiction Car Show @ The N. FL. Fairgrounds, Jan 10

Sports Fans: 2 Minute Warning

Big shouts to the newest additions - TORIANO, KRYSTLE, WILL, and ASHLEY. On this week's show Keith & Shane dedicate a segment to new beginnings with the NBA season tipping off, the best and worst teams of the NFL, and a gaming review of the hottest new title, DJ Hero. Plus, the music is en fuego from Young Cash, Big Boi, Diddy, BG with newcomers Loochie and Kim D along with the old school joint, "Da Butt." Sit back and relax while enjoying this week's show and don't forget to listen on every Wednesday at 7pm.

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Keith & Shane

Homosexual Lifestyle Uncut "MLive"

Homosexual Lifestyle Uncut "MLive" from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

"The "Mayweather Live" show is all about showing different cultures and different sides of life. In this show we talk about the homosexual lifestyle with Nolan & Fabian who are gay. We asked them in depth questions people might want to know about gay people such as what made you gay, why do you dress like a woman, do you date both genders, how are you treated different because you are gay, do you think your where born gay, and a lot more. The last 4 minutes of this show are very explicit; you are being warned.

Glamour's 2009 Women of the Year Awards

This year's Women of the Year Awards was held at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

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Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti is an Italian designer whose collections from her Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti line is geared toward the young professional. I absolutely love the way she puts her colors together!

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Another Look For Rihanna ~ Hot Or Not?

Rihanna was interviewed by Diane Sawyer last night to discuss the situation between Rihanna and Chris Brown. Whilst Rihanna & Chris' love life was the main topic, the pop star once again unveiled a new look. I'm not to sure what to think about this hairstyle or even what to call it! Let me know what you think! Hot or Not?

We Support Local Music: J. Blakk

Listen to J. Blakk - Bang

Listen to J. Blakk f. Kash - My Haterz

Borned and raised in Apalachicola (Franklin County), Florida, J.Blakk grew
up in the projects, surrounded by poverty and drugs. Raised in a single
parent home, J.Blakk always knew she wanted to be a DJ, but never thought it
possible since her mother did not havie the money and could not afford the

Still with the love and passion for music in her heart, in 2007,
J.Blakk began hanging out with close friend, Sacred, and cousin, G2,
and began learning the ins and the outs of the music world. She also
began learn and understand the business side of music industry as well
as learned how to do standard verse. In the summer of 2008, Sacred
placed J. Blakk on one of his singles.

Since being on Sacred's single, J. Blakk has put out 3 singles and has opened up for Jacki-O, Papa Duck, and Bizzle, completed drops for DJs, and feature on 7 different DJs mixtape. J. blakk drop her mixtape on in August and it has
over 18,000 views. Contact info or 850-228-2692.

Free Mixtape: Return of Real Black Radio w/ Bloodraw & BRE

We're dropping the first Streets Edition of the "Return of Real Black Radio" mixtape series with Blood Raw Entertainment & Presents: Return of Real Black Radio, Streets Edition: D.O.F.G. (Death of Fake Gangsters) Vol. 1 - Blood Raw's News, Blues & Views mixed & hosted by yours truly, DJ Fusion of & the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast.

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Mayweather Live: Lil Scrappy @ TJ's DJ's

"Everyone keeps asking the "Mayweather Live" show "when are you all going to have people from the community talk about their talents". So in this show we give you just that... Mayweather speaks about the goals for the "Mayweather Live" show and interviews magazine owners, artist from across the nation, and gets up close and personal with Lil Scrappy plus Scrappy rips the stage. TJ's DJ's Music Conferences are always a great place to network be sure to visit to sign up for the next conference.

Talent at TJ's DJ's Music Conference Ft: Lil Scrappy from Mayweather Live on Vimeo. Plies @ FAMU Homecoming Concert

Check out Plies performing all his hits at the FAMU Homecoming Concert 2009 presented by Double Trouble Ent & FAMU SGA! Video produced by!!

Great Productions Performance @ The Fair (Sat. Nov 7)


Here's a couple of bags from Burberry's new collection. These are a great pieces to add to this season's fall wear!

Click here for the full story Young Dro @ TJs DJs

850LiveTV Checks in with Young Dro at TJS DJS 15 year anniversary in Tallahassee, Fl hosted by Cairo Love. Shouts to Spoon Gotti (Follow @spoongotti on Twitter

We Support Local Music: Soccorro

Listen to Soccorro - For the Love of You

SOCCORRO:THE MIXED TAPE coming January 2010

By her own description, Soccorro’s music is characterized as a fusion of soul and rhythm and blues. One only has to listen to Soccorro sing and you feel as if you have no choice but to believe each and every word. A Georgia native, Soccorro’s foray into music seemed predestined even at the early age of four. Born to equally talented parents; her mother was a dancer and her father a rhythm and blues singer, it’s no wonder Soccorro developed a love for the stage. By age 13, she had already help establish a 3 girl singing group, including herself for which she wrote and arranged songs. In college her musical experience continued to escalate and by the time she graduated, Soccorro had performed jazz in New York City, African call-and-response in Spain and sang background for the Phat Cat Players. As if those accomplishments weren’t enough, she’s shared the stage with iconic performers such as Kelly Price, Keith Sweat, K-CI and Jo Jo, S.O.S Band and George Clinton just to name a few. Though she is overtly modest when it comes to speaking about herself, I’m here to tell you that you should check out Soccorro’s musical expressions. I have no doubt that you will leave as a fan. It’s all love.


The Affinity Fashion Show 10-27-09


FAMU Homecoming Concert 2K9

Homecoming Concert After Party @ Baja’s 10-24-09

Christian Louboutin Fall Shoe Collection

Storm did a post on Christian Louboutin awhile back, so if you don't know who he is you should check it out!

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